Client: Shearman & Sterling LLP (for International Convention of Shopping Centers)

Client: Shearman & Sterling LLP (for International Convention of Shopping Centers)

For the annual ICSC Diversity Reception, a major social event for the community, the Vegas-inspired design featured varnishes and typographic elements that visually reinforced collegiality while avoiding feeling trite. We prepared pithy copy (produced in English and Spanish) for all event communications. Animated presentation graphics, branded gift bags and takeaways all conveyed the dynamism of the event. Sponsors and attendees called it the most elegantly branded event to date.

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Custom Stamps & Dual Languages

Custom stamps reflecting the equality symbol were printed for the mailing. In addition to English, the invitations were also designed and produced in Spanish.

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Brandie’s team provided out-of-the-box solutions – creative and edgy, yet clean and sophisticated. She always presented multiple options, each completely different, each equally effective, and each solving the problem in a creative, unique way.

—  Gina Love, Counsel, Shearman & Sterling LLP

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