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Lutz and Carr collaborated with Knox Design Strategy to revamp the firm’s brand positioning, core messaging and website. Through a strategy workshop, we identified the firm’s goals for enhanced accessibility, friendliness, and niche positioning, addressing weaknesses in their old website through initial sitemaps and content strategy.

With roots tracing back to the 1950s, Lutz and Carr, a respected accounting firm in the entertainment and arts sector, aimed for a contemporary online presence. The new website reflects their creative clientele, notably in New York City, featuring imagery from dance, film/entertainment, and music industries. Vibrant colors and bold typography distinguish Lutz and Carr in their competitive field, appealing to their target audience.

The site highlights the firm’s team, history, and services, including a custom timeline on their About Us page, showcasing their extensive legacy. The result is a visually captivating and strategically tailored website, effectively communicating Lutz and Carr’s unique identity to current and prospective clients while addressing previous shortcomings.

Our process

Sketching is a quick way to find solutions to design problems and discover new ideas. We start all of our work by examining and brainstorming all options. For Lutz and Carr’s website, we began by sketching multiple layouts of the homepage screen to best communicate and illustrate the their content. We were inspired by their creative client and we want to illustrate their industries in the bold colors, shapes and type used throughout the site. By starting our designs on paper we are able to create gridded systems to extend throughout their pages to create a stronger overall unity and design system.

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