Amid the “word salad” of digital marketing concepts – “design thinking,” “user-centric strategy,” “immersive experiences” and so on – there is one simple, sometimes challenging fact: the website is still the foundation of almost all marketing initiatives. It’s the first and often the only place that clients, prospects and recruits look for information. If there’s anything you absolutely, positively have to get totally right, it’s your website. Which is why at Knox Design Strategy, we take a strategic approach to website design and development in order to create exceptional digital experiences that deliver results.

As with all of our work, our first step is to develop an in-depth, nuanced and complete understanding of each client’s business objectives and brand strategy. A website affords us enormous latitude to apply this strategy and to create an online environment that animates it. If a client, for example, needs to present itself as a forward-thinking, technically advanced and contemporary entity, we create a site that not only communicates that, but embodies it.

We know that websites are moving targets: they must evolve over time, so we engineer them to be adaptable to dynamic business environments.

We know that, unlike many other forms of marketing communications, a website is a moving target. Brands change, markets change, clients change, technologies change, and so on, so our sites are engineered to be easily adaptable to a dynamic business environment. We design and develop stable, robust, technically advanced websites that are as easy as possible to update and modify. We strive to create sites that anticipate adjustments to the expression of your strategy and even plan for them.

A great website is a fantastically versatile, powerful marketing asset. It has immense potential to impact the bottom line and offers the real possibility of being a game-changing presence, available instantly from anywhere in the world. It’s the ultimate integration of strategy and execution. To accomplish this, your website has to do a number of things at the same time, flawlessly. Ours do, and the results, if we may say so, speak for themselves.

Corporate Web Design McElroy Deutsch

Our rebranding projects for McElroy Deutsch and Aluko & Oyebode included fully custom responsive website designs, with very different UX/UI approaches.

We built a custom database for META Advisors to manage their bankruptcy claims management and reconciliation process.

Custom website design and development Meta Advisors
Responsive website design Aluko & Oyebode

Our Website Design & Development services include:

User Experience (UX)

to create a user-friendly, accessible and intuitive navigational strategy

Web Development

to build and maintain fast websites that perform flawlessly


to tell your story in a concise, brand-appropriate way

User Interface (UI)

to design scalable concepts that reflect your brand identity

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

to increase traffic through on-page and technical best practices

Art Direction/Photography

art direction + photography: bios, in-office, environmental

Knox Design Strategy has been very responsive to us. I’ve never been through a project like this before and they did a really good job guiding us through designing and developing the new website.

Jennifer Randles, Practice Manager, McDermott+Consulting


Davey Awards legal website design development award winning

Knox Design Strategy and McElroy Deutsch Win Gold at the 2021 Davey Awards

Davey Awards legal marketing award winning

Knox Design Strategy and Allensworth Win Silver at the 2021 Davey Awards

LMA Southwest Your Honor Award Winner

Knox Design Strategy and Allensworth Win Honorable Mention at the LMA Your Honor Awards

Knox Design Strategy Wins Gold at the 2021 MUSE Design Awards

Knox Design Strategy and Allensworth Win Gold at the 2021 MUSE Design Awards

Knox Design Strategy Wins Silver at the 2021 MUSE Design Awards

Knox Design Strategy and McElroy Deutsch Win Silver at the 2021 MUSE Design Awards

Allensworth mobile website design

Rebranding a Texas Construction Law Firm


Designing a Visual Brand Identity and Custom Website for a New Jersey Law Firm

McElroy Deutsch
Law Firm Branding

A New Brand Identity and Website Refresh for a National Law Firm

Cahill Gordon
Law Firm Collaboration Tools

Designing a Bankruptcy Claims Management System

Kelly Drye (META Advisors LLC)
Website Design Development

Branding a Strategic Communications Consultancy

PRCG Haggerty | Communications Consultancy
Intranet UX NYC

Intranet Redesign for a Leading Global Law Firm

Reed Smith LLP
Law Firm Mobile App

Designing a Platform for an Alumni Network

Shearman & Sterling Alumni Network
Attorney Bio Law Firm Website

Rebranding a Law Firm that Represents Investment Funds and Institutional Investors

PMW | Purrington Moody Weil
Responsive Law Firm Websites

Maintaining Brand Equity While Providing for a Fresh New Look

Spolzino Smith Buss & Jacobs LLP

Rebranding a Full-Service Law Firm in Nigeria

Aluko & Oyebode
Healthcare Website Design

Providing an Online Resource Center for the Healthcare Industry

Identity Logo Design - Law Firms

Rebranding a Labor & Employment Law Firm

Hirschfeld Kraemer

Rebranding a Nationally Recognized Law Firm

Cuddy & Feder LLP

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