Knox Design Strategy was engaged by FTSQUARED, a development management consultancy based in the UK and Ireland, to develop and design a new business capabilities package. After successfully managing major projects across the commercial, residential, infrastructure, retail, and data sectors for the past decade, they realized the need for a new, flexible presentation package to accurately represent their experience and vision, using key messaging that is aligned with their strategic goals.

Following our initial strategy review to learn about the company and explore their strategic goals and vision, we began the design, messaging and copywriting processes. We created an infographic to illustrate FTSQUARED’s complex business process and service offerings, which grew into a two-part cornerstone piece – How We Add Value and What Happens When – which establish the color-coded icon system employed throughout the case studies. We expanded their existing color palette with a ‘racing green’ to add color and visual interest, as well as tie in to their Irish roots. Finally, we developed a case study template system to work consistently across project types, to allow for future projects to be added by their internal team.

FTSQUARED capabilities AEC marketing
Capabilities – Our Team – AEC branding
AEC construction – project images

Knox Design Strategy possessed a winning combination – solid, error-free creative work and sound communication – all the qualities we look for in a strategic partner. Our team had direct access to Michael, the lead designer on the project: he was fast, accurate, helpful and full of great recommendations. The copywriter did a nice job centering the language on our clients and people which really helped crystalize the thinking behind the project. 

—Michael Joseph, FTSQUARED

AEC infographic – How We Add Value
Infographic – What Happens When – AEC marketing firm
FTSQUARED Case Study, Holburne Park - AEC marketing and branding
FTSQUARED Case Study – Data Centre – AEC marketing and branding firm

Case Study Template

We created a case study template that FTSQUARED can use across their different types of clients and projects, allowing for long project names, key project stats and figures, as well as highlighting their Value Adds and Key Insights.

FTSQUARED Case Studies – AEC marketing firm