Client: I'm From Driftwood | Nonprofit

Client: I'm From Driftwood | Nonprofit

Highly successful nonprofits often need documented history and evidence in support of past accomplishments to seek additional funds for future initiatives. What is the best format for presenting this information that is both easily digestible and compelling when seeking donor support?

I’m From Driftwood, an organization documenting the lives of the LGBTQ community, sought our help in developing a series of information graphics to communicate prior accomplishments while also highlighting how monies received from future donations will be used for upcoming projects. Working closely with the organization’s president we developed a series of information graphics that are tipped into a folder, allowing for supporting materials such as press clips and donation forms. So far, the materials have been well received as the information is clear and concise, and potential donors are excited about their possible influence in the lives of others.

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Brandie and her team created a packet that oozed with professionalism which immediately helped legitimize the organization, allowing us to compete with the “big dogs” in the nonprofit world. With the packet in hand, it boosted my confidence in asking for larger donations and in turn resulted in some of the largest donations in our company’s history.

— Nathan Manske, Founder & Executive Director
Information Graphic Designer NYC