Sema Bekmez, Knox Design Strategy’s UI/UX Designer, is a testament to the fact that building user experiences is, like baking a cake, something you have to actually do to really understand. Every client is different, every user is different, and Sema does her work by combining design, hands-on research and a fascination with the real people who use what she builds.

This goes way back. Beginning in university in New Jersey, Sema was doing both paid and unpaid freelance work. She’d help friends with websites, help write blogs, write content. This, long before she knew what it was, ignited her interest in the basic concepts of UI/UX. She just started doing, in other words.

A 2019 graduate of Rutgers, Sema received a B.A. in Psychology. The formal study of human behavior is an ideal foundation for a career in how people interact with technology.

In addition to this academic knowledge of how people tick, she’s also fluent in Turkish, and conversational in Korean.

She’s also an alumnae of the Springboard program, with over 700 hours of training in every aspect of UI/UX. This program included coursework in (deep breath): information architecture, sketching and wireframing, prototyping and testing, eCommerce and browsing, persuasive and anticipatory design, gamification and behavior change, dashboards and data design, social media and messaging, and product lifecycle.

All of this comes into play in what Sema does at Knox Design Strategy. She is, for starters, a skilled researcher, who handles information architecture, user interface research and usability testing.

She also works closely with her colleagues inside Knox, particularly our senior UX/UI Designer, Milton Arantes. Beginning with the client’s business requirements, Sema launches projects, initiates documents, and develops project parameters. Because Knox is a small firm, there’s constant back-and-forth, and close teamwork, much of which is behind the scenes. All of this sharpens thinking, introduces a variety of perspectives, and results in work that exactly meets the client’s needs. Clients see an attractive, modern site that accomplishes the tasks users need. Behind that is a massive amount of work, much of which is Sema’s, to test, research, experiment and ensure that all the pixels and electrons go where they’re supposed to. Whether a client wants something more conservative, more innovative, or something in between, Sema does the hands-on work that helps make it happen.

Sema Bekmez | UX/UI Designer

Sema Bekmez
UX/UI Designer