As we expand our operations to better serve our clients, our team is growing as well! Join us in welcoming Jensynne East, Knox Design Strategy’s Graphic Designer to the full-time team.

If Jensynne’s work looks familiar, it’s because she has experience working with the Knox Design Strategy team to deliver on mission-driven, enduring, and striking corporate design. After her graduation from East Carolina University, Jensynne joined our NYC-based team until rescue work came calling.

During the pandemic, she worked with the Emerald Isle Fire Department Ocean Rescue team to fulfill her passion for helping others during a difficult time. However, like a true lifelong learner, Jensynne continued freelance design work throughout the pandemic and obtained her UX/UI specialization from CalArts. Throughout the course of her career, Jensynne has been able to further expand the scope of her work into brand identity, illustration, web design, print collateral, and brand strategy.

“After leaving and coming back, the driving force was the level and quality of work produced by the Knox Design Strategy. Everyone here is really professional, knows their work and knows their clients well.”

Jensynne’s approach to design is rooted in her desire to help organizations communicate well. Seeing design as a universal language with nuances that drive client interests, she believes in a “less is more” approach. As a designer, her solutions take on geometry and movement to convey key brand messages – an expert skill that she’s learned throughout her design career.

“Graphic design is a first impression. A solid impression will create a memorable brand that attracts clients. . . Design is important because it speaks for the business. I hope to create timeless and universal designs that communicate with and appeal to our clients’ audiences.”

Able to inherently understand business goals, Jensynne is also focused on helping clients take on brand identities that they’re proud to display. Although she acknowledges that new designs that differ from long-standing branding can be challenging for teams to adopt, she believes that leading with curiosity, tying the work back to client’s business objectives, and involving stakeholders in the design process are key to success.

“Developing a new brand identity is an opportunity for businesses to demonstrate that they are growing and become even stronger. Having a clear and clean design adds structure to allow this growth to continue.”

We’re thrilled to have her back as an integral part of the team as we provide goal-driven design strategy for our law, A/E/C, and healthcare consulting clients. Please join us in welcoming Jensynne (back) to the team!

Jensynne East
Graphic Designer
Knox Design Strategy