Jensynne East serves as Knox Design Strategy’s Senior Designer / UI Designer. As a key part of the team, she creates impactful, creative designs that help clients meet their business goals. Creativity was a part of Jensynne’s early life as she became interested in piano and started playing music by ear. Her creative pursuits extended to ceramics and illustration, inspired by her love of comic books. She knew from early on that she wanted to find ways to visually tell stories, make an impact as a creator, and to pursue the arts. 

At East Carolina University, Jensynne majored in painting and developed her own creative community. Out of curiosity, she enrolled in a digital design course that captured her attention – and everything changed. After pursuing freelance work with the Brody School of Medicine, Jensynne felt even more confident that graphic design was a career she wanted to pursue. 

Jensynne joined our NYC-based team right after college and made considerable contributions to clients’ brand and design strategy until rescue work came calling. During the pandemic, she worked with the Fire Department Ocean Rescue team to fulfill her passion for helping others through difficult times. However, like a true lifelong learner, Jensynne continued freelance design work throughout the pandemic and obtained her UX/UI specialization from CalArts. 

Jensynne’s approach to design is rooted in her desire to help organizations communicate well. Seeing design as a universal language with nuances that drive client interests, she believes in a “less is more” approach. As a designer, her solutions take on geometry and movement to convey key brand messages – an expert skill that she’s learned throughout her design career.

Today, when she isn’t creating new designs with the team at Knox Design Strategy, you’ll find Jensynne running outdoors or swimming (she’s completed multiple ultramarathons!) or practicing her ocean photography on the coast of North Carolina. 


Jensynne East
Sr. Designer / UI Designer