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Brand Identity

For Knox Design Strategy, the ultimate goal of a new brand identity and design system is to better manage other people’s assumptions about who your firm is and what it stands for.

What does your brand identity say about your firm?

Is your team regional and highly-specialized?

Or international and wide-ranging?

Legal marketing is too important for guesswork. What your potential clients see is what your potential clients know. This is why brand identity matters. 

At every moment, your firm is sending messages to your audience. Business cards, websites, and notes on letterheads – all of these encounters add up to a potential client’s judgment of your firm’s culture and capabilities. Whether good or bad, fair or unfair, these impressions tend to stick. 

Just thinking about all of this can be overwhelming, and a solution can seem impossible. This is where Knox Design Strategy steps in. 

Our team of expert designers and creatives can build a brand identity that works for your firm, not against it. 

When we begin a new brand identity project for our clients, we start by honing in on clear business goals. In order to build the “right design,” we take the time to discover the right targets. Unleashing our creative imagination is the final step to execute on a firm’s vision. 

The secret to our history of successful law firm branding is no secret at all. Our team works hard to meet a firm’s business goals with rigor, discipline, and creativity. The moment when a firm can reveal its updated brand identity to stakeholders is always an exciting one. It’s satisfying to know that the new logo, brandmark, and other design elements are both attractive and layered with meaning. Even more satisfying is the result: a compelling brand identity that your audience will resonate with, wherever they encounter it.

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