At Knox Design Strategy, we create effective, striking and, above all, strategic brand identities.

Your brand is an extremely valuable asset. Think of it as an “ambassador” that will be seen by untold thousands of people, including your customers, partners and employees. Your business may live with it for years. Getting a brand identity design right – really right – is critically important. At Knox Design Strategy, that’s what we do – get it right.

When someone sees a logo design, for example, they develop a lasting impression of the business behind it. Is your firm regional or international? Hands-on and personal? Modern or traditional? What is the culture of the firm? A brand identity shapes these perceptions, along with many others, and a great one makes people want to learn more.

From typography to color to design, we obsess over the details, brainstorming, working and reworking until every aspect of your business’s visual presence is absolutely perfect.

It’s a precise discipline: an excellent brand identity is all about nuance and detail. From typography to color to design, we obsess over the details, brainstorming, working and reworking until every aspect of your business’s visual presence is absolutely perfect. And we keep at it until your brand identity instantly and powerfully communicates precisely what it needs to and resonates with the right audience.

Great brand identity design is also about cohesiveness. Like an orchestra, every part has to work together flawlessly, from the logo to the website design to the most subtle questions of color. We create brand identities that work consistently everywhere they’re encountered, so yours is always working for you. When your pitch is complete, for example, the materials you leave behind speak for you. So does your website, viewed on an iPhone in an airport.

Under the guidance of brand strategy, our secret ingredient, if you will, is our creative ability. We don’t believe that the constraints of brand strategy limit creativity, but instead we think they power it, focus it and enhance it. Call it the X-factor, talent or whatever catchall you prefer, but if strategy is the road map, creativity is the fuel. We design brand identities that get noticed. They stand out and set your organization apart.

Brand identity design Hirschfeld Kraemer

Before and after view of our rebranding of labor and employment law firm Hirschfeld Kraemer, our logo signage for Volpe Koenig, and a glimpse at the identity system for Cahill Gordon‘s brand refresh.

Identity design Cahill Gordon Reindel
Corporate identity design Volpe Koenig

Our Brand Identity & Design services include:

Logo/Brandmark Design

to design your firm’s primary logo or brandmark

Color Palette

to craft a color palette that meets your firm’s needs

Brand Extension

to develop branded materials based on the brand identity

Brand Identity

to create a system of logo, color, imagery and typography

Brand Guidelines

to ensure all creative will be consistent with your brand

Social Media

to create a unified identity across all digital platforms

Brandie is very creative and talented. I find her to be very easy to speak to, and I find her hands-on approach great. I like working with a firm’s principal, so I think her being visible and hands-on is good.

Peter Walts, Chief Operating Officer, Employment Law Alliance


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Designing Visual Identities for Legal Blogs

Patterson Belknap
Davey Awards legal website design development award winning

Knox Design Strategy and McElroy Deutsch Win Gold at the 2021 Davey Awards

Davey Awards legal marketing award winning

Knox Design Strategy and Allensworth Win Silver at the 2021 Davey Awards

LMA Southwest Your Honor Award Winner

Knox Design Strategy and Allensworth Win Honorable Mention at the LMA Your Honor Awards

Knox Design Strategy Wins Gold at the 2021 MUSE Design Awards

Knox Design Strategy and Allensworth Win Gold at the 2021 MUSE Design Awards

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Cahill Gordon
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