Healthcare consulting firms often seek out Knox Design Strategy specifically for two of our strengths: visual/design expertise and technical fluency. Our design, branding, identity development and marketing communication work for consulting firms helps them compete for and win healthcare clients operating in an extraordinarily dynamic market. And our ability to add technology-powered solutions to the mix – intranets, internal applications and websites – is invaluable to consultancies.

As with all of our work, our projects for healthcare consulting firms are powered by extensive research and a focused strategy. We do what’s necessary to deeply understand both the competitive landscape and the priorities of users from a client-centric perspective. Our team excels at synthesizing research, data, and competitive insights into strategic work that communicates effectively with each client’s target market, looks great and works flawlessly.

For example, the healthcare industry is extraordinarily complex, so our clients often have extensive libraries of content. This information needs to be highly organized, accessible and presented in a user-friendly format that’s in concert with the brand. Our expertise in marketing communication, brand development, and communication and visual design ensures that this library of intricate, often rapidly changing information is delivered in clean, organized and highly usable visual environments that convey the brand’s key attributes to visitors.

In addition, our deep knowledge of information architecture, and the technologies that deliver it, means we can devise elegant, effective solutions to these challenges so that all information is efficiently shared in any (or all) formats. Whether they need a website, internal application, a visual identity or a combination of these, healthcare consultancies call on Knox Design Strategy to help them turn competitive strategies into design and technical execution that ultimately garners results.

Our work helps consulting firms compete and win in an extraordinarily dynamic healthcare market.

Healthcare branding website McDermott+Plus
Healthcare graphic design infographic

Infographics can be critical to understanding healthcare industry processes and systems, which we put to use in our website design for McDermott+ Consulting.