Client: Shearman & Sterling LLP

Client: Shearman & Sterling LLP

Shearman & Sterling’s annual report, Corporate Governance Survey of the Top 100 US Companies, highlights key trends and presents data that is highly readable. A streamlined graphic format adds cohesiveness, while new inks and papers improve visual appeal. Readers loved it! Popular demand necessitated a second printing as attorneys happily distributed it to clients and prospects, and our integrated email marketing campaign generated an increase in registration for the annual symposium.

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Law Firm Marketing Collateral Design
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Custom Mailer & Symposium Invitations

While designed and bound separately, the Corporate Governance and Executive Compensation and Employee Benefits publications were shipped together in a custom mailer that also doubled to house the two publications after receipt. The second year of it’s publication, the firm held a symposium to highlight key trends and present the data.

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