We’re thrilled to announce that Michael Padgett, Knox Design Strategy’s long-time graphic designer, has taken on a new role at the studio: Art Director, Strategy & Branding! 

As a designer, Michael has shared his talents by bringing innovative, contemporary, forward-thinking visual messaging to the forefront of every new project. Clients are drawn to Michael’s work not only for its artistry, but also because his design sensibility is business-driven and comprehensive. A visual problem solver, he has cultivated meaningful brand strategy for clients since joining Knox Design Strategy in 2017. 

Michael’s ability to see the big picture and deliver detail-oriented results is perhaps owed to his wide range of personal and professional experience. A Harvard English Literature grad, Michael has previously worked as a management consultant, bike mechanic, latte artist, and, most passionately, a graphic designer with a keen eye for strategic visual messaging. Throughout his design career, he’s successfully executed book designs, print publications, logo designs, identities and brand strategy. His combined business savvy and creative energy continuously spurs client enthusiasm for new projects, new ideas, and solution-oriented design that delivers. 

“After 5 years with Knox Design Strategy, our core principles are more important than ever to me – collaborative, creative thinking is essential to help our clients get from A to B and beyond. We’re always trying to push the limits and exceed our clients’ expectations by asking the right questions and finding the best solutions and practices they may not have even thought of, while having some fun along the way.” 

Michael’s extensive understanding of each client’s constraints, strategy, process, competitors, and goals has made his promotion to a Director-level role inevitable. He genuinely collaborates with clients to ensure the best design solutions are implemented every time. In his new role, Michael is looking forward to developing strong relationships with clients across new strategy and design initiatives for long-term success and growth. 

“Working with our clients is really all about relationships – listening and communication, understanding where clients are coming from, and developing a sense of trust that we know you, we understand you, and we want to produce work that meets your needs, creatively and strategically.”

Although we may be a bit biased, we truly believe there is no one better positioned to deliver this strategic work, given the passion, background, and expertise he’s demonstrated when implementing impactful solutions across the industry. Please join us in congratulating Michael on this promotion! 

Michael Padgett – Graphic Designer
Michael Padgett
Art Director, Strategy & Design
Knox Design Strategy