Rebranding in Smaller Firms: Beyond the Visual Language

Anyone who’s ever been involved in a rebranding campaign knows it takes time, energy and commitment. But when executed properly, the results are well worth the efforts. We will discuss all aspects of rebranding – the initial research, positioning and brand identity, but we will also dig deeper to address the behind-the-scenes and less discussed topics of content strategy, public relations programs and search engine optimization.

Utilizing a few case studies and our experience in working in teams, we will discuss process, approach and how to gain attorney buy-in and firm wide consensus. Finally, we’ll discuss how to ensure that everyone at the firm lives the brand long after the initial launch.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify aspects of rebranding that are important to smaller firms
  • Discuss how small firms can manage content strategy, public relations programs and SEO
  • Uncover approaches to gaining attorney buy-in and firm wide consensus

Event information:

Legal Marketing Association (LMA), National
June 29, 2017
Webinar | Remote