Brandie Knox Speaks at Delaware Valley Law Firm Marketing Group in Philadelphia

Much attention is given to the importance of branding fundamentals in the world of professional service marketing. If branding is an essential prerequisite to good marketing communications, then, why do so many law firms either fail at it or just seem to completely ignore it? And – if a firm takes the time to develop an actual brand identity – how is that identity communicated through its most essential collateral, namely its website? This two-part presentation will focus in on the challenges of branding and positioning the modern law firm. Focusing on case studies, we’ll assess how success is achieved by some firms, both from the standpoint of developing internal processes which produce resonant design and messaging, as well as achieve buy-in from all firm stakeholders. The second part of our presentation will focus on the digital expression of a law firm’s brand. Specifically, how can we apply the principals of good branding and positioning to create a firm home page which both emotes brand, as well as accomplishes other home page prerequisites? Some of those prerequisites include:

  • Quickly establishing position and brand through the use of a concise positioning statement.
  • Applying brand values to an explanation of service areas, experience and capabilities.
  • Developing a simple navigation and user experience structure which allows site visitors to access deeper, and personally relevant content.
  • Editing content requirements to their bare minimum, to avoid visual confusion, user paralysis and ensure maximum engagement.

Event information:

Delaware Law Firm Marketing Group
June 17, 2016
Reed Smith LLP | Philadelphia