knox design strategy
was founded on the principle
that being in a constant
state of learning fosters
creativity and keeps ideas fresh.

graphic design, branding and web design firm new york

Brandie Knox
Principal + Creative Director

about us

Founded in 2009 by Brandie Knox, knox design strategy is a design studio specializing in corporate communications, brand identity, digital strategy and graphic design for professional services, financial and law firms.

In addition to our in-house team of graphic designers, our creative team is an expansive, flexible network of professionals – brand strategists, web developers, writers, SEO strategists – who collaborate with synergy based on each project’s requirements. As a client, you benefit from a business model that scales to your needs.

We are problem-solvers who think strategically — we believe that having a defined methodology ensures that your goals are met. A right-brained approach drives our creative choices and keeps the entire project team on track, while the left works out creative solutions that are uniquely you.

disciplined strategic process

We begin by taking it all in. We love homework! We’ll take everything you can give us – old brochures, market research, planning documents, you name it. We’ll also meet with key stakeholders, interview staff, and conduct a thorough investigation of your target audiences, competitors, industry concerns and forecasts. We’ll review, digest, assess it all in the context of our work together.

pure creative imagination

We are visual. We are imaginative. We sketch. Collect. Photograph. Explore . . . Inspiration comes from everywhere: places we visit, people we meet and ideas that foment in our clients’ boardrooms. Our clients are a prime source of inspiration and so much of what comes to light is visual inspiration you may have discovered through your own journey. All the process stuff that got us started brought us to this point where we apply it visually.