Client: Patterson Belknap

Client: Patterson Belknap

Continuing from our previous blog design work for Patterson Belknap, the firm enlisted our expertise to brand and design two new legal blogs: Misbranded, a false-advertising litigation blog with a focus on FDA-regulated products, and Securities Litigation Insider, which covers issues related to securities litigation, insider trading, corporate governance and enforcement.

It is important that Patterson’s blogs feel connected visually, yet distinctive as individual branded entities. For Misbranded, we developed a set of icons to represent the scope of FDA-regulated products covered in the blog – food, beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals – and created a vibrant pattern to serve as the blog page header. For Securities Litigation Insider, we continued the icon-based framework, but crafted a distinctive set of icons with an accompanying namemark, whose monospace font is inspired by stock tickers and other data-based typography. This logo is supplemented by evocative images that relate to securities and governance.

Misbranded blog logo
Securities Litigation Insider blog logo

Misbranded Blog page
Securities Litigation Insider blog page

Misbranded Blog Pattern
Securities Litigation Blog banner images