Website Analysis & Reporting


Your new website has launched, you’ve received initial feedback… now what? You don’t want to drown in data, but information that can help guide your marketing efforts will ensure that your new website and messaging are hitting their mark.

Our new service helps you track progress and keep your site healthy post-launch. In preparing a quarterly report, we start by reviewing Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to:

  • assess overall traffic and traffic channels
  • review top landing pages
  • assess inbound links
  • review keyword phrases that are driving traffic
  • provide recommendations for on-page SEO and technical SEO updates

Our highly detailed report is excellent for keeping your internal team abreast. We’ve found that the analysis and report:

  • Helps gain buy-in from key decision-makers, while keeping them informed of progress.
  • Increases internal awareness on the benefits of search engine optimization, content creation and sharing tools.
  • Gets our clients excited! Many of our clients have increased their writing and social media outreach based on our reports. The information has even inspired healthy competition amongst some practice areas for our law firm clients.
  • Ensures your site remains healthy!

The backend of our websites are user-friendly and our clients generally maintain content internally. As part of the report, we review for any issues, best practices or problems that might need to be fine-tuned – anything that might have cropped up while your team is making updates or adding content. Based on our findings, we make recommendations for any necessary improvements and overall best practices to ensure the health of your site. We also take a step back, look at our initial goals and objectives and make any additional suggestions – this might be a new content area on your site or blog, or visual recommendations to take it to the next level!

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