The Knox Design Strategy team continues to grow! This month, we welcomed Phillip Oettle to our full-time team as our new Creative Workflow Manager. Phillip joins us as our operations expand to better serve professional services clients with design strategy, rebranding, user experience, and web platforms. 

With so much industry-leading design work happening among members of our expert team, it was time to bring in a workflow expert to ensure creative work continues to exceed client expectations. As the Creative Workflow Manager, Phillip serves as a problem-solver, project manager, and creative coach to our team. As a leader in this space, Phillip knows just what needs to be accomplished, who can best fit specific roles for a project, and how to always keep an eye on what will serve the client best. 

No stranger to design strategy and business leadership, Phillip has been working with the Knox Design Strategy team for a number of years. Originally introduced through a mutual client while completing video production work, we immediately hit it off and have enjoyed working alongside him on various projects. As a key player in the industry, our team recognized the quality of work Phillip produced in his production business over the last 15 years. 

“I started out in film, but as soon as I had my first law firm client, I was hooked. Working with law firms was the best of both worlds – I was able to deliver creative work and share their message and choose to work with clients who truly had their clients in mind on every project. It really allowed me to find ways to redefine the traditional “corporate” video in a way that spoke to this niche.” 

Phillip’s approach to creative workflow management is that of a true coach. Beyond the logistics of organizing creative projects and bringing visions to fruition, he always strives to ensure that each creative talent is able to bring their skills to the forefront and match the client’s needs. 

“On a sports team, the manager doesn’t just think about finding the best players – they’re looking for the best team. That means that you have to know and identify each individual and their creative work, then map that to what ‘position’ they serve in that moment. I do the same with this team – I might identify that a team member is going to work well with a client and part of my role is to help facilitate that relationship that will push the creative work forward.” 

Even in the short time that Phillip has been on the team, he’s provided such tremendous value in organizing our workflows and guiding the team to produce industry-leading creative work for our professional services clients. Please join us in welcoming Phillip to the full-time team at Knox Design Strategy!

Phillip Oettle Creative Workflow Manager | NYC Branding Design Agency
Phillip Oettle
Creative Workflow Manager
Knox Design Strategy