In addition to our work in branding, design and outward-facing communications, at Knox Design Strategy we also design and build internal apps and intranets. This work directly impacts our clients’ day-to-day operations and leverages our unique capabilities to deliver competitive advantage and measurable, ongoing efficiencies. Well-built internal applications create enormous ROI.

Half of today’s workforce are millennials. They have a nearly lifelong affinity for the digital world. They grew up with broadband, smartphones, laptops and social media, and they expect instant, efficient and organized access to information. When provided with technology that complements their native capabilities, they are the ultimate power users. Our projects are designed for users such as this, allowing enterprises to leverage their unique potential and capitalize on it.

We take the time to understand how your users work, and our applications deliver what they need in your real, day-to-day environment.

We design and build intranet and internal communications platforms that are connected and consistent. Users move seamlessly across tasks and functions, and are interconnected with other technologies in the enterprise’s digital environment. They spend their time productively – not hunting endlessly for files and information – and can effortlessly and instantly switch platforms.

This also means building intuitive internal applications whenever possible. We focus on user-friendly intranet design and developing internal communications apps that require minimal training to get up and running. We take the time to understand how your users work, and our applications deliver what they need in your real, day-to-day environment.

Finally, we ensure that your brand speaks with one voice and is consistent across touchpoints and services, dovetailing with your external brand strategy. Our internal applications provide a daily hands-on expression of your brand strategy.

Intranets and internal apps are powerful tools. Better tools mean better work product. Better work product means a more profitable enterprise, loyal and delighted customers, and more effective, engaged and productive users. This complex set of relationships is the engine that drives every enterprise. Knox Design Strategy can hand you the key.

Intranet design Reed Smith

Our intranet for Reed Smith – Our Space – features robust, responsive functionality to bring team members together.

We crafted a firm alumni intranet for global law firm Shearman & Sterling to unite past and present attorneys and firm leaders for events and more.

Intranet development UX/UI
Law intranet alumni network Shearman & Sterling

Our Intranet Design & Internal Apps services include:

User Interviews

to understand your users’ needs, behaviors and pain points

User Experience Design (UX)

to create a system that is intuitive and accessible

Interactive Prototypes

to create prototypes that validate your IA and UX

Information Architecture

to organize and present your content in an effective way

User Interface Design (UI)

to design an intuitive, clear and scalable user interface

Intranet Development

to provide a tailored space where users can get work done

We hired Knox Design Strategy for their design expertise, and it was an outstanding collaboration. Milton, the lead designer, was extremely responsive and flexible. He made valuable recommendations and truly listened to our team in order to understand our goals, brand vision and approach to marketing.

David C. Pulice, Director, Practice Innovation, Reed Smith


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