Our founder/creative director Brandie Knox recently published an article in the June 2021 edition of Law.com‘s Marketing the Law Firm. The following is an introductory excerpt, the full article can be found at the link below.

“Investing in digital solutions to enhance collaboration enables attorneys to practice law more efficiently, and business support to operate more effectively. If done right, internal technology investments can increase productivity, decrease the potential for human error and increase profits. 

We have observed the increasing level of implementation of new or updated internal – and often public-facing – applications for law firms. These law firms are recognizing, and then realizing financially, that digital tools are a path to getting work done faster and more collaboratively and additionally providing value to their clients. Digital tools further present opportunities for law firms to distinguish themselves from their competition. 

This article identifies why investing in digital tools and applications is more important today than ever and provides examples and potential questions law firms should contemplate.”

Read the full article here.