Search Engine Optimization, Demystified


Today, search engines want unique, high-quality content that is informative and answers users’ questions. Fresh, interesting, and relevant content is rewarded with higher rankings and organic traffic. It’s important to know what topics people want to know about and what language they are using to refer to these topics, and then provide rich content that answers their questions. Don’t understand the specifics of search engine optimization? Want to understand how SEO works? Wondering when you should hire an expert and when you should attempt on-page SEO on your own?

This workshop will give you a basic overview of the various components of search engine optimization. Whether you’re working with an expert or optimizing a post on your own, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of relevant vocabulary, basic tools and best practices.

We will do a walk-through of how on-page SEO works by logging into a few content managements systems (CMS) and reviewing specifics. We will also demonstrate the tools used in keyword research and best practices for narrowing down which key phrases are best.

In this workshop, complete with handouts, we will provide you with an enough information to allow you to confidently make informed decisions, and possibly optimize a few pages and posts on your site, in a pinch, when needed! We will leave ample time at the end of our presentation for Q&A.

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Event information:

Legal Marketing Association (LMA) | Southwest Region, Austin
February 21, 2017
Graves Dougherty Hearon & Moody | Austin