Brandie Knox on the panel for NYLMA Small Firm SIG: Rebranding in Smaller Firms: Beyond the Visual Language

Anyone who’s ever been involved in a rebranding campaign knows it takes time, energy and commitment. But when executed properly, the results are well worth the efforts. We will discuss all aspects of rebranding – the initial research, positioning and brand identity, but we will also dig deeper to address the behind-the-scenes and less discussed topics of content strategy, public relations programs and search engine optimization. Utilizing a few case studies and our experience in working in teams, we will discuss process, approach and how to gain attorney buy-in and firmwide consensus. Finally, we’ll discuss how to ensure that everyone at the firm lives the brand long after the initial launch.


Linda Lee Ficano | Director of Business Development & Marketing | Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper & Scinto

Brandie Knox | Principal & Creative Director | Knox Design Strategy, LLC

Melissa Seitter | Director of Business Development | Kobre & Kim LLP

Rosemarie Yu | Principal | Rosemarie Yu, LLC (New York-based communications consultancy) Educational Objective: Attendees will learn:

  • How to bring together the best in the industry, through strategic partnerships, and manage them effectively
  • The process for gaining internal buy-in from key stakeholders, internal and external
  • Creating an integrated design, development, digital marketing and PR plan
  • The importance of content in developing a successful thought leadership platform
  • What search engine optimization can mean for your firm
  • Best practices for marketing on the practice group level

Event information:

Legal Marketing Association (LMA) | Metro New York Local Group Small Firm Special Interest Group
June 28, 2016
Kobre & Kim LLP | New York
Organizer & Panelist