The Living Brand: Strategies for Creating and Empowering Strong Brand Advocates Throughout the Firm


A brand is a living thing. Keeping a company’s brand active means paying attention to how it speaks, looks and acts over a lifetime. Branding Tools ensure consistency across mediums and platforms. Internal Campaigns ignite internal interest and further align teams around the brand promise. Brand Activation Workshops engage staff members at all levels directly.

During this presentation, we will explore the art and science of maintaining the integrity and sparking the energy that supports a law firm’s brand; we will consider when it’s appropriate to initiate an internal brand activation campaign and how to go about planning and launching one; we will discuss the process for identifying and engaging internal brand advocates, building teams and explore the optimal tools for ensuring teams have what they need to speak with a consistent voice – both visually and verbally. We will review existing case studies and ask attendees to provide examples of how they have approached the challenge in their own firms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Establish a methodology for engaging a brand activation campaign
  • Identify opportunities and tools for internal teams to strengthen their brand
  • Develop content strategies and adopt best practices for ongoing efforts to build and sustain brand awareness throughout the firm.

Event information:

LMA Baltimore
March 28, 2019
Baker Donelson | Transamerica Building | Baltimore