For our clients in the architecture, engineering and construction (A/E/C) industries, visual design and branding are of particular importance. As with everything we do at Knox Design Strategy, design and branding are powered by our deep and specific appreciation of your industry and marketing strategy. We see a lot of similar and, hence, ineffective branding and marketing for A/E/C firms. We ensure that our work sets our clients apart, differentiating them from the rest. By understanding which markets, clients and customers your firm seeks to reach, we develop solutions that work both online and off – solutions that position you in the right place in the right market in the right way.

Effective A/E/C marketing and branding demands demonstrated and thorough industry knowledge – generalities won’t suffice. For instance, a key element of A/E/C marketing is communicating to a potential client that your firm has experience in projects like theirs. These examples must be user friendly and filtered by the services provided, location or other criteria. Because A/E/C are particularly mobile-intensive industries, all our work is designed (think of menu structures) and optimized to work on mobile platforms. Infographics can be used quite effectively to communicate and synthesize complex, critical information. It’s also helpful to visually connect teams with the projects they’ve worked on, which encourages visitor engagement and humanizes technical expertise.

Generally speaking, construction is an extraordinarily complex profession, with enormous amounts of money at stake for every project. We create ways for website visitors to quickly and easily locate the precise information they find valuable, and then to download or review it instantly and securely, in whatever form they prefer – whether it’s service information, striking and memorable bios, or a useful blog post. By integrating technically robust development with compelling, user-friendly designs, we deliver accessible A/E/C marketing messaging that effectively cuts through the considerable clutter in a crowded, high-stakes field.

In other words, we create what we see as a kind of silent digital marketing partner for our A/E/C clients. Design and technology make it engaging and useful. Branding communicates what your firm is and what you can do for stakeholders, partners – and most importantly – customers. A/E/C professionals are ultimately all about building things that have visual appeal and deliver the best possible technical solutions. We see our work for these clients as doing the same.

Because A/E/C are particularly mobile-intensive industries, our work is designed to work seamlessly across platforms.

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AEC marketing and branding firm Michael Muroff Architect

We work with all types of A/E/C clients, from construction law firms like Zetlin & De Chiara, to architecture firms like Michael Muroff.